Maxine’s Tarot Card Studio

The Customer

Maxine is a tarot card reader and offers 1-1 readings to clients at her home. She needed somewhere she could work quietly and privately with her clients during the day and the evening but without the expense and inconvenience of travel. She visited Carr Gate Garden Centre and saw the garden room show village so came in to take a look.

"We talked to a Design Consultant who listened to us and designed what we were looking for. We had to go away and wait at that point because we were having our garden landscaped but came back and managed to get what we wanted at a really great price.

The end result is fantastic. The garden room is used as my spiritual happy place. Clients say wow when they come and see how beautiful it is. I am so proud and I love it. I work in here most days and when it’s lit up on a dark evening it looks so special and is just gorgeous to see."

The Room

We were able to fully utilise the space at the back of Maxine’s garden, where she had designed and opted for a 3.2m x 3.9m Redwood cladded garden room, with a 2.3m x 2.1m 2 pane PVC bifold door.

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