Setup a Garden Salon Business with Your Own Beauty Shed

If you’re considering taking the plunge and setting up your own beauty studio, maybe converting a room in your home or investing in high street premises, then a ‘beauty shed’, otherwise known as a garden room or garden salon, could be a cheaper, more convenient and more sophisticated alternative to offer your clients.

Hairdressers Chair in Garden SalonIf a beauty shed sounds less attractive for your beauty salon, think again. Elegant and supremely comfortable garden rooms provide the perfect private and professional space and relaxing atmosphere for beauty treatments. Built to last, the garden room is designed to make the most of natural light and create an oasis of tranquillity perfectly complementing the beauty business.

What type of business can garden rooms accommodate?

The list of possibilities for a garden salon or other home-based business is almost endless, and Make Room Outside has garden room designs and options to match the individual requirements of everyone.

  • Beauty salon, delivering a range of beauty therapies and beauty treatments

  • Nail salon in an attractive space with garden views

  • Hair salon, with plumbing and the space to accommodate more than one stylist

  • Yoga studio with an inviting atmosphere

  • A unique space for a Pilates studio

  • Photography studio

  • Physiotherapy garden building designed for comfort and movement

  • Dedicated space for a range of holistic therapies

  • The perfect space for massage therapies

  • Arts and crafts business premises

  • General garden office use

How big can it be?

Garden rooms typically have a footprint of up to 30m2. This gives you the scope to create a garden salon or beauty salon with just one treatment room, or maybe you prefer a reception/waiting area combined with a treatment room, or even two separate therapy spaces to deliver treatments at your beauty studios.

How long will it take to build

That’s the real beauty of the garden salon. It will typically take four to six weeks from order to completion of your beauty salon, depending upon the complexity of the fit-out. The actual build-on-site is unlikely to take more than a week, with the majority of the work completed off-site, which means minimal mess and disruption at your home.

There’s no need to wait months for the right high street space, and all the investment you make in the garden room building will be yours forever rather than spending money on rented premises. What’s more, you’ll have a very short commute to work each day with no parking costs!

Why choose a garden salon over the high street or your home?

The benefits are significant.

  • You are investing in your own premises to create additional space which will be available to you even if you decide to change the way you work.

  • There will be no monthly rental costs paid to a landlord and no associated and unexpected increases in operating costs due to rent rises

  • Locating your business space or garden salon outside your home creates an effective psychological divide between home and business for work-life balance, as well as enhancing privacy for your clients

  • There’s no need to give up valuable family space in your home

  • Garden room designs with large bifold doors flood the space with natural light, giving the perfect environment for beauty and holistic therapies as well as creative applications such as art and photography studios

  • No commuting or parking costs

It’s also worth considering the potential disadvantages.

  • You will not have the visibility of a high street location for your beauty salon, or footfall to your business from people passing by.

What facilities can beauty sheds have?

A garden room can have every facility you require and will match any regular beauty business space. There are many heating and lighting options, as well as built-in entertainment systems such as TV and music.

Plumbed toilet and bathroom facilities can also be incorporated for garden salons where hair washing is required for beauty studio applications, subject to planning permission.

The electrical connection will enable you to operate any essential equipment you may require to run your business, from hairdryers and styling equipment to sunbeds and powered treatment chairs, as well as space for sanitiser facilities, beauty products and other items for sale.

Soundproofing insulation properties can also be enhanced to minimise disturbance to neighbouring properties.

Considerations for your clients

There are a number of additional considerations when thinking of building a garden room salon or treatment room.

Consider Access

Think about how your clients will find you. Invest in prominent signage and make sure the pathway to your garden salon is clear from obstructions and is safe.

Get the layout right

Talk to our specialists at Make Room Outside – we’ve been involved in many garden room business designs. We can help you with the internal layout as well as the actual build, and advise on the appropriate choice in terms of size, doors and windows and electrical/plumbing requirements.

Should you install partition walls?

If you want to create separate therapy or treatment rooms, or include a reception and waiting or changing room space, then partition walls can be designed to your specifications to make the most of the construction.


Investing in a garden salon can save money and enhance profitability too.

  • No monthly rental, commuting and parking costs

  • Consider the possibility of renting out a chair to another complementary practitioner

  • Your garden room will also increase the value of your home in the long run, as even if you decide to move these highly flexible spaces can be used in a variety of ways for the new owners

A word on warranties

If you're investing in the outlay for a garden studio as a beauty salon, you'll want to know that it will last.

Garden rooms from Make Room Outside are constructed to the highest standards and come complete with a 10-year warranty. For more information on warranties, talk to our specialist advisers.

Remember that although garden rooms usually come under the remit of ‘permitted development’, if you plan to run a business from your home which involves visiting clients, you will almost certainly require planning permission. We always recommend you consult with your local planning authority.

You'll also require public liability insurance to cover the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business.


To help you assess the potential for a garden office to house your salon or other business venture, why not visit our online configurator tool? This will help you understand the options and the potential costs.

Even better, why not visit our Halifax show space and see the quality of these elegant constructions in person? Our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the possibilities and opportunities to make sure you make the right decisions for your business.

Mar 28 2024